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Enterprises Increase Customer Retention and Lower Costs to Acquire New Accounts, Quickly Growing Revenue & Market Share with Industry Experienced Energy Sales Professionals

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Powerful Real-Time Web Based Analytics

See how your sales program performs in real-time enabling insightful, data-driven decisions.  View call volumes, staffing levels, sales data, quality scores and more remotely from your desk.

Custom Real-Time Analytics At No Extra Charge


Acquire and retain more customers through multiple channels, developing or improving an energy market penetration strategy & database/lists with our cutting-edge systems/CRM supporting a multi-touch sales cycle, executed by professional Energy Telesales Agents, expertly trained in either B2B or B2C competencies.

Industry Preferred Infrastructure

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A scalable solution with an industry leading talent acquisition organization, workforce management infrastructure and training methodology.

Deep Databases & Analytics

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Established enterprise contact center technology, flexible custom integrations, and real-time/remote reporting & analytic capabilities

Compliance & Security Clarity

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Transparent, rigorous do-not-call compliance processes and information security standards trusted & fully vetted by Fortune 500 partners.

U.S. Based Facilities & Talent

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Higher quality customer interactions with 100% U.S. based, professional sales representatives & state-of-the-art facilities

Track Record of High Performance Energy Telesales & Retention Execution

High Quality Interactions

  • Innovative quality assurance and behavior adherence programs inspect service first interactions, communicating results with management & agents in real time.
  • Gain insight into sales behavior trends, establishing links between customer satisfaction, performance, and agent behavior with extensive web based analytics.
  • Assure impactful interactions with mobile quality assurance supervisors, equipped with blue-tooth headsets & tablets, monitoring and coaching agents.

Retention & Sales Growth

  • Industry preferred specialization in B2B &/or B2C training curriculums, ensuring teams are equipped with proper skills delivering best-in-class performance on behalf of clients.
  • Specializing in customer acquisition, retention, and win-back, we deliver all of the contact center tools & infrastructure of a Fortune 100 sales organization overnight.
  • Reach a larger audience in their channels with our multi-touch sales cycle, including, but not limited to: Reactive-Email, Live Chat, Phone, SMS, & IVR.

Workforce Automation

  • Proven, flexible talent acquisition infrastructure & processes ensure uninterrupted recruiting, staffing and training on-demand, supporting our partners ambitious growth schedules.
  • Integrate smoothly with hands-on executives directing automation of workforce management, forecasting, reporting, and system  processes, identifying KPIs for SLA goals.
  • Adjust on-demand with our real-time, remote client visibility into program systems, agent states, & call monitoring; responding the individual markets’ needs.

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Service. Sell. Save. Solve. Scale.

  • Improvement Focused Culture
  • Contact Center Facility & Technology
  • Proven Disaster Recovery Planning
  • US Contact Center Service Delivery
  • Spotless Compliance Management
  • Best In Class Executive Oversight
  • Established Integrator Expert
  • Nimble & Responsive Partner
  • Full Business Continuity
  • Customer Acquistion & Retention Acumen
  • Next Gen Chat, E-Mail, & Social Platform
  • First Class Onboarding and Training
  • Demonstrated Operational Execution
  • Advanced Workforce Management
  • Transparent Client Interaction
  • High Impact Quality Assurance
  • Preeminent Talent Acquisition
  • Robust Reporting & Analytics


Whether you are looking to outsource Energy Telesales & Customer Retention for the first time or challenge your current provider, Mass Markets will provide you with a simple and comprehensive proposal tailored to your specific requirements.

Planning an RFP?  Invite Mass Markets to participate and see how our industry preferred outsourcing solutions can lower costs & improve performance.

A Quick Call with our Team

  • Review your program goals and requirements
  • Discuss implementation strategy and timeline
  • Identify essential facility and staffing requirements
  • Highlight unique program, compliance and security provisions
  • Discuss partnership compensation structures and terms
  • Receive a comprehensive Energy Sales & Retention proposal

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Mass Markets’ Contact Center Solutions

Domestic-based Business Process Outsourcing-as-a-Service (BPOaaS) leverages omni-channel software & technology to provide on-demand inbound & outbound contact center services, delivering a distinct business advantage through performance & efficiency.

We execute business-to-business(B2B) & business-to-consumer(B2C) interactions across a wide range of industries. With highly secure infrastructure & agile cloud technology solutions, Mass Markets offers clients a unique combination of business process support & innovative technological framework.